At some time or another all Prius owners have to replace their batteries. The sad fact is that the Prius batteries cost a lot of money. But there are cheaper solutions to your Prius battery problems.

Once your battery hits the fan you are left with mainly 3 options.

Option #1

Have a Toyota dealership replace your battery. Not many people like to do this, because when you're at a Toyota dealership, Prius batteries cost you around $4,000 Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. They put it in and everything, but you have to do this every 8 years or 140,000 miles. There has to be a better solution..

Option #2

Order 2nd hand, or rebuilt Prius batteries online. Rebuilt Prius batteries cost around $2,000 which makes this option a lot more appealing than taking your Prius to Toyota. The only problem with this option is that you will need to put the battery in yourself Autel MaxiCOM MK808, or find someone who will.

Option #3

Rebuild the batteries yourself. This battery rebuild solution is the cheapest one by far. If you don't know how to rebuild the battery yourself, you can get a battery rebuild guide online that will show you how to rebuild your batteries step by step. When you do it yourself, Prius batteries cost under $500 to fix.

If you don't have the time to rebuild the batteries yourself, you can take the guide to a local shop and have them repair it for you. They will only charge you their normal shop rate, so the Prius batteries cost will still only be around $500. Sure beats the Prius batteries cost of $4,000 doesn't it?

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