Winter is upon us again so now is the time to spend 30 minutes on looking after your car by checking your antifreeze levels Autel Diaglink, leave your car with a weak antifreeze mixture and risk having a huge repair bill. Getting your antifreeze checked is easier than most people think, either buy a simple tester from Halfords / local motor factors or book your car in for a full winter health check at your local garage ( • 25 ish),although many garages will do a simple antifreeze check for free.

Antifreeze has a lifespan, standard IAT ( inorganic) should be drained and changed every 2 years, OAT ( organic) sometimes known as long life or advanced antifreeze should be replaced every 5 years. A word of caution though, never mix the two types of antifreeze specifications, as a quick rule of thumb if your car was manufactured after 2001 then it's likely to be the advanced antifreeze but there are always exceptions so check your owners manual or speak with the main dealer or an expert. Also note that although your cars manual says use one type this may not be the type that's in there at present.

If you have any doubt as to the type of antifreeze currently in your car then you need to drain the entire system and flush it out with a hosepipe, NEVER mix IAT and OAT antifreeze, the result will be the mixture turns to gel and blocks the small water passages within the engine / water pupm, the engine will overheat and damage will occour. Just because the colour in the shop is the same as in your radiator doesn't mean they are the same, many antifreeze is actually colourless it's only the retailers or manufacturers that add dye Autel MaxiSys MS906BT.

If you have to drain and refill your system then a mix of 50/50 antifreeze / water for protection down to -36 c is best for maximum winter protection. Do not mix any stronger than this as any stronger will raise the freezing point not lower it further. If you really want to go to town and do a proper job then instead of tap water use de inoised water, this will aid with the rust prevention within the system.

Remember if in doubt as to what type is currently in your cars radiator then drain it all out and refill with new, it's a simple job and won't take long at all.

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