Who farts more men or women? Do mens' farts smell worse than womens'? These may be amusing questions to ask but not if you are one of the many who go through the embarassment of excess gas.

Most moderately healthy adults will generate about half a liter of gas per day. The average number of farts is about 14 but can vary anywhere from 2 to 42 times per day. The argument about which gender farts more or which does the more smelly farts is indecisive. Gender plays only a unimportant role in determining the smell and volume of farts.

It is the vibration of the anus which will cause the sound associated with flatulence. The loudness is dependent on the tightness of the anal sphincter and the speed and volume of the gas being expelled.

Gases which trigger flatulence come from four sources. 1. Air that is taken in as we eat and/or drink. 2. Gases coming from our blood supply into our intestines. 3. Chemical reactions in our intestines. 4. Gas produced by bacteria in our intestines.

The actual chemical composition of flatulence differs from one person to another and is dependent on a great range of factors Autel MaxiSys Pro. While we eat and/or drink we can swallow quite a lot of air which is mostly composed of nitrogen and oxygen.. Most of the oxygen is absorbed early on, leaving mostly nitrogen. Carbon dioxide is also produced as a result chemical reactions within the intestines.. Bacterial action will also produce carbon dioxide along with methane and hydrogen.

Farts are for the most part made up from the gases described above. The percentages of each gas will depend on a variety of factors such as how much air we swallow, what kinds of bacteria we have in our intestines and in what quantities, how long we hold in the gas and, of course, what we eat.

Some scientists believe that our "capacity" to create methane is genetic. There is, however, no strong evidence to support this theory.

The offensive smell which farts sometimes produce is as a result of bacterial actions.. The stink is caused by the presence of tiny quantities of methane, mercapans and hydrogen. The more of these substances you have in your diet the more likely you are to have foul smelling flatulence. Foods which are high in these substances are cauliflower autel maxidas ds808, meat and eggs or anything high in insoluble fiber. Beans are inclined to produce less smelly flatulence but in greater amounts.

Foul smelling farts also are apt to be warmer than non smelly ones. Regular farts tends not to be foul smelling because they come from the air that we swallow and as we know this is composed of nitrogen and oxygen which are odorless and are expelled from the body in reasonably large bubbles and at body temperature. On the other hand, if there is a lot of bacterial action going on, then the story is not the same. Food, which remains in the intestines for a longer time because the body struggles to break it down, is subject to bacterial fermentation which creates heat and small and exceptionally foul smelling bubbles of gas.

Excess flatulence may be a major and exceedingly awkward crisis for many people and a successful flatulence remedy is exceedingly hard to find. For a guaranteed flatulence cure visit
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