Gordon was a quarterback in the high school football team. The coach and others in school believed this person had the potential of becoming a professional after graduating from college.

The dream of ever playing in the big leagues was cut short when this athlete was involved in a car crash. Police reports show a drunken driver in another vehicle was over speeding and crossed at the intersection when the light was still red.

The impact of the accident happened where Gordon was sitting breaking the right thing all the way down to the foot Autel MaxiDiag MD808. The doctors tried everything to save the leg but it had to be amputated to prevent hemorrhaging. The patient woke up a few days later and cried so hard after finding out that the leg had to be amputated.

Gordon was released from the hospital a week after the accident occurred. The doctors said the patient had to undergo therapy and counseling since this person had to learn how to move on with life in a wheelchair.

Since this student was quite heavy and isn't easy to carry, the parents had to make certain adjustments at home. One of these included getting a wheelchair lift for the automobile so that Gordon can go with the family on trips and vacations.

There weren't any stores in town that made this kind of lift. It was a good thing one owner had a friend who lived in the next town that specialized in this kind of situation. The family had a van so this had to be brought to the shop where measurements for it can be made.

The type ideal for the van is the platform version. Flipping on a switch can extend the base outward for the wheelchair to come in. When the passenger is securely fastened, it must be pushed again to go inside the vehicle. The locks on the bottom will keep everything in place until it is time to disembark.

The parts will take two weeks to make then a day for installation and product testing. Everyone was happy when it was finished. It will take some getting used to but Greg understood this was the only way to make it convenient for the family.

There are various wheelchair lifts available for the van Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. The owner of the vehicle should select the most suitable kind for the family member who needs it.

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