Talking cars, GPS, television screens and many other changes have been made over the years since Henry Ford first introduced the Model T. In fact, if he were to see a car of today chances are he would not see many similarities to the horseless carriage he designed more than a century ago maxisys elite review. However, it was his roadster that has inspired many changes in society, ranging from how we get business accomplished to how we manufacture products.

And, like many businesses and industries, there continue to be changes made to the field of transportation. After all, most of today's consumers are looking for the latest and greatest in technology combined with affordability and practicality. From voice-activated commands to built-in blue-tooth technology to make mobile phone calls easier, there are an abundance of features that have become common-as well as some that are not so common-available on today's automobiles.

One such feature is the airbag. This is now a common feature for new cars as they have been shown over and again how the airbag can save lives-as long as the person is at least 4'7". Consequently, in vehicles equipped with front air bags it is not recommended for children to ride up front. Studies have shown that people who are in accident in a vehicle without an airbag are twice as likely to sustain a head injury in vehicles without airbags.

The Blindspot Information System has recently been introduced by Volvo. The BLIS works due to the cameras and the outside mirrors, which signal drivers when changing lanes is not safe. Similar in nature is a night-vision system used by BMW that alert drivers when there are objects, people or animals in the way. The BMW system has a range of nearly 1,000 feet in front of the car, providing there is nothing blocking the headlights.

For vehicles that use diesel, Mercedes has recently developed the BLUETEC system, which actually processes the exhaust in such a way that the vehicle will produce lower emissions. Other ways emission is being lowered is with the advancements in the electric vehicles, hybrids and those cars that can run on ethanol in place of gasoline. Some of the best hybrids today are those made by Toyota and Lexus.

XM radio, may fall into the luxury category for some, but for others, having access to a plethora of radio stations is a must-especially if one spends hours on the road. Many of today's vehicle come equipped with XM radio as part of the standard package. Owners can enjoy the service for free the first three months and then choose whether or not to continue the service Autel Maxidas DS808.

Yes, the automobile of today has truly come a long way. No more are the basic cars with 4 wheels, 2 seats, seatbelts and a motor. Today, you can have both practicality and luxury in whatever set of wheels you drive. So, when you make that next car purchase, you don't have to sacrifice what you want with what you need-just look for the cars that have the assorted features you desire and get ready to enjoy the ride.

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