Majority of the modern industries use conveyor belts for transporting raw materials and finished products. Conveyor belts include chains which require proper lubrication. An effective lubrication system ensures longer chain life, increased rate of production and lesser cost of energy.

There are basically two options to lubricate these chains which include the solid film lubrication and the liquid film lubrication. Most people prefer to use solid lubrication as it has the ability to withstand high temperature and consumes fewer lubricants. It also offers protection against wear and tear. It is quite difficult to apply solid lubricants as the method requires manual application. Manual application of the lubricants, with spray bottle and brush, is possible but it is associated with various pitfalls.

Manual application of lubricants can pose several dangers and some of the most important disadvantages include the following.

High Temperature: One of the disadvantages associated with these chains is its high temperature Autel MaxiCOM MK808. Therefore it is quite hazardous to apply these lubricants manually as the chains have a high temperature.

Uneven Application: Another pitfall of manual application is uneven application. It is essential to apply it evenly as too much application can lead to smoke and too less application can cause the chains to wear within a short period of time.

Re-Application: It is also essential to know when to re-apply the lubricants Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

Correct Application: Solid lubricants must be shook well before applying it on the surfaces of the chain, otherwise the solid form will retain at the bottom.

However, today modern technology has led to the invention of automatic application of lubrication systems. This system includes a liquid carrier which applies the solid lubricant. The system also includes pumps and reservoirs to transfer and distribute the lubrication in measured quantities so that it is evenly applied. Stainless steel brushes are used for its even application on all sides of the chains.

Different products are used on these chains which vary according to the temperature of the chains. All these products can be used in automatic systems and it ensures optimum performance, lower cost of energy and enhanced rate of production.

The sold lubricants are available in different compositions which include different properties. Some of the most commonly used materials include copper, graphite, PTFE and so forth. All these materials are inclusive of different properties which enhance the performance of machines. Soft metals such as copper include temperature stability. It also includes high load carrying capacity. However, it can seldom be used for stainless steel metals with a temperature of more than 1000 degree C.

Graphite solids are also widely used for lubrication as it includes various beneficial features. It has high temperature stability, excellent lubrication in humid weather conditions and protection against corrosion.

PTFE is one of the man-made materials which include low surface tension. It has a good chemical resistance which is one of its most attractive features. It has a reduced capacity to carry loads. It is a colorless lubrication which is commonly used in most of the industries.

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