The human body looks very simple in its function. But it is a very complicated system, which seems to be simple. Similarly technology has made many things simple. But in reality these process are complicated in their own way. Science acts as the back bone of all these processes. Certain processes are very easy that they can be followed and can be done by anyone. The process which we are going see now is also such a one. This article is about how to remove an Audi A4 stereo. As you read this article, you will realize how simple the process is.

Audi A4 is an ostentatious car, manufactured by a German company named AUDI AG. These cars have stereo systems in them. Some people will like to have their own stereos. These may be much advanced or may attract them because of their effects. Hence we need to do away with the system already present. This will require keys which are used for radio removal purposes. The following paragraphs will brief you the steps involved in the process.

The keys which are used to remove the system have to be purchased from dealers. These keys are four in number. It has to be understood that the system are held in position with the help of different clips. These clip locks have to be released in order to displace the sound system.

The locks for these clips are given in four different places. The stereo's top side will have two locks or openings. One opening is positioned near the left at an inch distance adjacent to the stereo's top. The other one is positioned near the right at an inch distance Autel MaxiDiag MD808. Similarly the stereo's bottom side will have two locks or openings. Similar to the stereo's top side one opening is provided near the left at an inch distance adjacently and the other one is provided near the right at an inch distance.

Now two keys are introduced into the openings provided on the stereo's top side. Then two keys are introduced into the openings provided on the stereo's bottom side. Now the keys have to be pushed, in such a way that they move outside. It will be noticed that the keys introduced in the left side will move to left.

Similarly the keys introduced in the right side will move to the right. This action will enable the clip locks to move out of their position. Hence the stereo can be moved out. The keys are taken out and the system is seen to come along with them.

If the clip locks are not released properly then the stereo cannot be removed. In that case the keys should be reinserted and the process is repeated Autel Diaglink. Once the stereo is taken away the wires connected to it can be disconnected.

Thus the article would have taught you how to remove an Audi A4 stereo. This helps the people to add their stereo according to their desires.

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