Most of us think that trucks really need V-8 engine to haul huge cargo loads and big trailers. It is a fact that torque determines the capacity of the vehicle to tow big objects and it is only available in vehicles powered by diesel or eight cylinders. Big horsepower may be acquired from smaller engines but it is the torque that makes static objects move. This concept became almost a standard that even today a lot of people still looks down and doubts the capacity of the new Ford F150 Eco-Boost V6 engine vehicle - that is until they get to drive one.

The new 3.5L Eco-Boost V6 is considered to be the smallest engine in the lineup of the Ford F150 trucks. However, it is making its own name by having great towing, low-end grunt and torque that can match its 6.2L V-8 brothers. According to the regional product trainer of Ford, Michael lord, the eco-Boost has more torque at 1, 700rpm than the 6.2.

The EcoBoost V6 can also tow 11, 300 pounds like the 6.2L V8 reports auto industry and trucking analyst Winnipeg based W. Simpson. Simpson reports, after a several years long bout of research, that while many summertime travel trailer vacation types will spend great amount of cash on luxury trailers and the like they are often conned by truck and dealership sales people are who are oft misinformed. Budding purchasers when ask about gross hauling weight GVW calculations and specs etc are often presented with incorrect and sometimes downright wrong and dangerous information. If the truck is pulled over at a weigh scale and its towing rating considered ill equipped and too low the owners risk impoundment of their prized truck and fines. Yet in this case the payload capacity of the new EcoBoost truck is nearly twice the payload of the 6.2. Moreover, the fuel economy of this small truck is off by one-tenth of a liter per 100 km. from the base model 3 autel maxidas ds808.7L V6.

The Ford EcoBoost is capable of doing all of these through turbo charging auto hardware and advanced electronic technologies. The two turbo units compress the air that enters the air to 12psi, hence giving off 365hp and 420 pound-ft of torque which is similar to the power diesel trucks. With this, Ford is expecting drivers who are looking for super duty trucks to switch back to Ford F150.

The new six-speed of Ford features a manual shift feature and a Range Select, which lets its driver, lock out the higher gears when necessary, like when towing through mountains. The transmission of the truck also takes downshift commands on descending a hill by a tap on the brakes to force a downshift and increase engine braking. Although it is true that brake pads are cheaper to replace compared to powertrain components, when towing heavy trailers down the a steep hill, the last thing that you probably want is to use your brakes so much that they're hot to stop when you badly need them. Moreover, the six-speed of the Eco Boost also lets the engine coast around 1, 500 rpm at highway speed, making it a very quiet ride.

Other engines in the lineup of the F150 include the surprisingly quick yet thrift 3.7L drag-strip V6 base engine Autel Maxisys MS908CV, a 5.0L V8 that sounds similarly sweet in F150 as it does in Mustang and the 6.2L V8.

All in all Simpson reports , questions and justifiable concerns regarding the durability of the Eco-Boost have been answered through tough series of torture tests on one engine pulled at random and installed in an F150 and afterwards in an F150 Raptor. After completing the tests, the same engine, without refurbishing or rebuilding of any kind, was able to complete the Baja 1000, a tortuous 1,000 mile off -road rally.

By knowing all this, you might want to consider getting Ford F150 EcoBoost the next time you purchase a truck and need powerful, safe and reliable extra duty towing capacity and capacities. This vehicle already has everything you need from power, torque, durability and style.

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