Everybody, if given a choice, would prefer driving their own car over any other means of transportation. Assuming the distance is manageable, we love to drive our own cars. Despite the wide availability of public transportation, driving is preferred. And as technology continues to increase, driving is becoming more convenient, a lot easier, and much cheaper.

Naturally, the convenience of driving comes with significant risks. It's no secret that auto accidents are near the top of the list of the leading causes of death in the United States. And when you consider that nearly all of these are preventable, the need for simple safety tips becomes more apparent. In this article I'll share just a couple of these with you. If everybody would follow these basic tips, there would be a lot less death and destruction on the roads every year.

Most people would agree that nearly all automobile accidents are due to not paying attention. When you've driven the same route over and over again, it becomes pretty mechanical, and takes a lot less conscious thought. But all it takes is one split second of your distracted attention to make that everyday drive the last thing you'll ever do on this Earth. There are several things we do while driving that make this more probable, and by avoiding them we could be much more safe.

One of the biggest things that battle for our attention while driving is our cell phones autel maxidas ds808. Especially recently, with cell phones having so many extra features Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, this can be a huge temptation while driving. Even though plenty of places have outlawed the use of cell phones completely while driving, more than twenty percent of people admit to using them on a regular basis. That short amount of time it takes to look down and send a text message can be enough to cause a huge accident that injures, or kills many people. Is that text message so important? If it is, then pull over.

One major cause of accidents that not too many people are aware of is taking care of personal hygiene while in the car. Shaving, brushing your teeth, and putting on makeup are a lot more dangerous that most people think. Sure, some people will say that they are running late, or overslept, or would get yelled at if they came to work late. But what happens if you hit some kid on a bicycle while putting on your eyeliner? Most people would agree that showing up five minutes late to work is a much better option that risking injury or death. You may consider setting your alarm clock five minutes earlier if this is a problem for you.

It may seem trivial to point out these obvious errors, and it may seem like there is minimal or no risk when driving a route you've done a million times, and could probably do in your sleep, but risking your life over such small time savers is foolish. By avoiding the dangerous behaviors in this article, you'll drastically reduce your chances of ending up in the morgue, with all the other dead people that weren't paying attention.
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