This summer, I went on an RV road trip with my family. We travelled across the country, seeing the sights and enjoying the different attractions we came across during our travels Autel MaxiTPMS PAD. I'd been looking forward to the trip for some time, but l wasn't sure I was going to be able to go. You see, last year I had major knee surgery, and I've had trouble walking for some time. Fortunately, this year, I was able to get into a mobility scooter. Since travel has always been a big part of my life Autel MaxiCOM MK808, I chose an Amigo Travelmate Scooter. The Travelmate is good for these sorts of trips because I was able to disassemble it with ease, and then store the scooter with ease while the RV was driving.

When we got to the RV park, I just took my scooter out, put it together and enjoyed my day. I got to ride around in museums and shopping malls, as well as other cool destinations, as we travelled. My mobility scooter really meant I didn't have to miss a thing this summer. The scooter did just fine indoors or out, and if I wanted to turn and look something I was able to swivel the seat around to do so, rather than hurt my back trying to crane around or endanger someone by trying to execute maneuvers with the scooter that weren't absolutely necessary. The battery lasted for 12 miles before I had to recharge it, which was more than enough for each of my days before retiring to bed in the RV. I simply got the battery back on the charger at night and went on to enjoy my day. Since the Travelmate came with two batteries I didn't even have to worry that there wouldn't be enough time to charge them. I just swapped out the batteries and didn't worry about a thing.

We even got on a boat this summer. The scooter stowed just as well on the boat as it did on the RV. It wasn't too heavy and it didn't take up too much space. I really loved the freedom of being able to spend all day on the lake. We went fishing, shared drinks, and shared laughs, all under a bright sun on a beautiful day. When it was time to return I was able to drive my scooter back to the parking lot, then slip it into my friend's car so we could return to the RV park.

Before I got my mobility scooter, all of these activities would have been too much of a challenge for me. I would have spent my summer at home, probably in bed and mostly alone, save for the occasional visitor. Now, I can't imagine life without my little travel scooter. It has freed me to get out there and live again. I'm really looking forward to next summer, and would recommend the Travelmate to anybody who loves travel and wants to restore fun, independence, and freedom to their lives after surgery or while dealing with major medical conditions.

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