Rubber truck bed mats may not match the look of much more expensive bed liners, like plastic drop in liners or spray in bedliners. But, after using one in my own pickup for awhile my observation is that for practical purposes the bed mats serve very well. Here are ways mats work as well or maybe even better than the much more costly options.

For one thing, rubber soaks up impacts and stops what may be the most expensive damage to repair -- dents. Plastic bed liners excel at stopping dents too, but not any better than cheaper, simple mats Autel MaxiTPMS PAD. And too, with both plastic linings and a bed mat, part of the way each protects from dents is by spreading impact forces over a larger area. Hit either plastic or rubber and the impact load gets distributed over a wider area, rather than being concentrated at a point. That lower load per unit area effectively eliminates impact damage or dents...

Another damage that gets soaked up by rubber is scratch damage. Rubber material can hardly be scratched, instead it would be cut. But it's nearly impossible to cut thick rubber very deep as you know. Any possible scratches and scrapes simply get absorbed up by the mat material and never make it to the bed metal or the paint that covers your bed either.

Certainly permanent liners have advantages, but sometimes temporary looks attractive as well. Mats go in instantly and slip out just about as fast. That way the rubber mat stores away from the pickup and only gets put in when required. Plus, damage the mat with hard use and it's a simple enough matter to just get another one and it costs just a little.

Consider the old problem of moisture too.

Water many times results in damage to pickup beds. Often that happens as water pools hidden under plastic drop in liners. Water puddles if hidden out of sight lead to rust and corrosion and it won't take long either for that to happen. With mats, even if drain holes clog, any water accumulation just sit there in plain view crying out for attention. Stopping drain clogs then just requires rolling the mat up from the plug and clearing away whatever stops the water flow.

Rubber bed mats offer solid value also since the cost to buy is so very low. Just one tenth of what a spray on liner costs, gets a bed mat that installs in an instant and protects from dents and scratches as well as much more costly liner options.

Mats cost so little it is natural to think they offer little. That really is deceiving. The only really obvious weakness of this liner option is that the bottom of the bed is the only part that gets covered. Sides remain unprotected and that means possible damage there unless another liner like a spray liner is already in place to keep damage from the front and sides of the pickup box.

Where mats may be most valuable is over other liners. Since the liners offer so much protection at such a low cost Autel MaxiCOM MK808, it just makes good since to use a mat over a more costly liner. The mat then protects the more expensive liner at the same time it adds another layer of padding over the bed. That way you can sacrifice the truck bed mats and save the liner from damage that otherwise would destroy a high cost spray on liner or other bed protection.

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